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APK Google Android Package Format Very popular ( 5 / 5 )



One of the most commonly accessed files in APK packages are application manifest files. AndroidManifest.xml files store information for installer regarding the app and its installation process. Each APK app must contain a manifest file. Manifests are saved in XML format to facilitate readability.

Following is the list of some important manifest elements (nodes):

  • uses-permission
    This section defines privileges and resources the application will request access to at certain point during installation process.

  • uses-sdk
    This section defines Android version compatibility.

  • uses-configuration
    This section defines device requirements that must be meet in order to run the application.

  • compatible-screens
    This section lists screen resolutions supported by the application.

  • services
    This section defines which resources and services (including system resources) the application will use. Services are understood as GUI-less programs running in the background.

More detailed information can be found in the Android Studio documentation and user guides. Manifest files should not be edited manually as it may negatively impact application performance.