File Extension File Type Popularity
APK Google Android Package Format Very popular ( 5 / 5 )

How to create APK file?


APK packages are developed using dedicated Android programming tools and frameworks, which allow developers to create application code for specific Android versions along with desired interface and features. APK packages are generated by compiling created code. Such package can be installed on any device given the option to install packages from unknown sources is activated in the system. Fully-developed and tested application must undergo a certification process before it can be added to the Google Store.

What tools do I need?

Android Studio is the most popular Android app development environment and is officially supported by Google. It offers many great features including:

  • Rich library of read-to-use packages (for example, Android Wear),

  • Visual code editing,

  • Resources usage panel,

  • Built-in device emulator for testing,

  • Patches and update for certain devices.

Although developing Android apps requires basic programming skills and some working knowledge of Android operating system itself, the process is fairly straightforward. Android Studio offers many helpful tools for beginners, and support for various programming languages only adds to the ever-growing amount of new apps published in Google Store.