File Extension File Type Popularity
APK Google Android Package Format Very popular ( 5 / 5 )

Opening APK files


APK can be opened on mobile devices running Android. System automatically opens APK files using packages installer. By default the installer displays a message informing that installing packages from unknown sources is not allowed and redirects to appropriate settings window. If the option to allow installation from unknown sources is switched on, installer will proceed with the installation.

How to manually install APK file?

Corrupted or invalid APK file will not be installed even if the option to allow installation from unknown sources is activated. Following is the list of suggested applications for managing APK files in Android:

  • archiving tools,

  • antivirus tools,

  • file explorers

When attempting to open APK files in a different operating system such file will be treated as an standard ZIP archive. This can be especially risky when opening unknown APK files as it may present a present a security threat. Therefore it is advised to scan such file with antivirus software. APK suffix can be changed to ZIP (and vice-versa) without affecting the app data.